How do we do it?

First of all, we are committed to prime Scotch beef from Aberdeenshire and the finest English beef. Our Scotch beef is sired by Aberdeen Angus bulls and fed on grass, which, we believe gives better flavour than corn fed beef. Scotch beef is a protected product, much like Champagne. Our farmers have generations of experience in ensuring that we consistently receive world class beef. Marbling is key! Marbling is fat that’s distributed within the meat giving wonderful flavour, melting as it cooks.

Our Speciality beef is brought to London by our butchers Godfrey’s, a family business since 1905, who are renowned for outstanding quality and dedication. At Godfrey’s, our beef is matured in a dry aging room dedicated to the Guinea. Up to 30 carcasses are held and released to us when each one reaches its peak.

We also use Solent Butchers established in 1984 who operate under the philosophy to provide exceptional service and quality produce. When the beef is delivered to the Guinea our grill chef’s who have been with us for many years (this is important), record all details into our Scotch Beef Club book. Once we’re satisfied that the beef is to our exact standards, it is grilled to your liking.

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